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19 September 2008

Convert PDF Document Into a JPEG Image

If you want to convert your pdf document into a jpeg image, it is possible to use pdftoppm and after ppmtojpeg.

First, choose your pdf document and use:

ppm file.pdf file

You will have one ppm image per pdf page. If you want only part of the document use -f int1 -l int2, int1 is the initial page and int2 is the final page.

Use the script to convert all ppm images into jpeg images:

for file in *.ppm; do ppmtojpeg $file > ${file/.ppm/.jpg}; rm $file; done

And thats it. You will have your pdf document into jpeg images.

Mount ext2fs Filesystems Under FreeBSD

To mount ext2fs filesystems under FreeBSD, you first have to build a new kernel with ext2fs support. Put the line

options “EXT2FS”

in your kernel configuration file for the new kernel and compile.
Read the FreeBSD handbook to learn how to do that.


Do the following steps to enable ext2fs support in the kernel:

# cd /usr/src/sys/modules/ext2fs
# make
# make install

You can use ‘kldload‘ to load the ext2fs module in to the kernel.

# kldload ext2fs
Then you will be able to mount your linux partitions by giving a command like:

# mount -t ext2fs /dev/ad1s1 /mnt

to unload module use

# kldunload ext2fs

To load the module automatically on system startup

add the following line in to /boot/loader.conf