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25 April 2009

Canonical Business Practices

Beranger, a practitioner of the Romanian IT is normal to use Linux, in blogs, decided to no longer use Ubuntu. Personal opinion said that, Mark Shuttleworth (MS) Canonical run the company without paying taxes by placing the country office in Isle of Man is put on the tax of 0% for those who have business in the country. While many people think that Canonical is UK-based company, the headquarters is actually in the Isle of Man.

According to Beranger again, to be able to open a company in the Isle of Man, not all people can do, and MS dituding have to do a thing to be doing business there, it might be corrupt. By placing the office there, MS has a lot of money from the Canonical and Ubuntu.

The reason for that not to make Beranger use Ubuntu again. He can not respect people who do avoid cheating the tax by placing the company in the country tax-free.

According to you how? :)

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