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03 June 2009

How To Install Printer Driver Epson LX-300 in Ubuntu

The following steps to install the driver printer Epson LX-300 in Linux Ubuntu
  1. Open System → Administration → Printing → New Printer, in select connection Device select Gutenprint parallel port #1, clcik Forward
  2. Choose PPD file
  3. Download PPD file from Epson-Dot Matrix-epson.ppd
  4. Give name LX-300 and click Apply
  5. Properties on printer dan click chage model
  6. Select “Select Printer from Databese” and choose Epson → Forward
  7. Choose “Dot Matrix” and “Epson the Teat of Matrix Foomatic/eps9mid” → Forward
  8. Choose “Use the new PPD (Postscript Printer Description) the USA is” → Forward
  9. Apply
  10. Pilih resolusi 240×216.dpi. → Apply
  11. Good Luck