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03 June 2009

Send SMS from Linux PC

Be happy that you use a Sony Ericsson (I already try and please try another brand), other than the fact we can smsan through the hp keypadnya numeric we can also dilinux sms through your PC (I have Ubuntu try) there is software that is not Wammu sms that we can from Wammu have other functions such as delete / write contact, calendar etc. first step -> connect you with the HP PC> directly configurasi and have the menu as usual next2 to finish (I g appear directly open the menu Wammu d>> PhoneWizard)

And to have the HP brand in the other do not worry Any configuration steps also have to brand Noki, Siemen, samsung, Alcatel, sharp, and also the HP-based Symbian, if the trademark has not been registered first try not despair

I certainly did not need to install any drivers to make this connection